Sunday, 30 April 2017

Blackwater Gulch Widowmakers

Old West Blackwater Gulch Widowmakers from Gangfight Games

Baggage Camels

Baggage Camels from various makers.

Commissioner Gordon

Gotham's Commissioner Gordon , a repainted HeroClix figure from Wizkids.

Vor: The Maelstrom figures

Neo-Soviet: Chemgrunt

Neo-Soviet: Mutant Handler

Union Soldier

Vor: The Maelstrom figures from FASA.

Old West Mexican bandits

Old West Mexican bandits from Artizan Designs.

15mm Medieval General

15mm Medieval General, figures from Essex Miniatures.

Mordheim Plastic Henchman

Mordheim Plastic Henchman from Games Workshop

Necromunda - Ratskin Scout

Necromunda - Ratskin Scout from Games Workshop


Barbarians from Black Tree Designs.

Dwarf Merchant

Old school Dwarf Merchant from Games Workshop.

Back of Beyond - Bolshevik Artillery

Back of Beyond - Bolshevik Artillery from Copplestone Castings

Brother Louis IV

Brother Louis IV from Reaper

More Taliban

More Taliban fighters from Empress miniatures

Castle Falkenstein soldier

Castle Falkenstein soldier from Soldiers and Swords

Legion of Steel Robots

Legion of Steel Robots from GGC