15mm Orc Army

This project is an Orc army for ADLG. They will be using all the Chinese army lists in the book eventually, but I'm starting off by basing them on the 80 Warring States Chinese list. Why the Chinese? Well in my Fantasy setting I see my Orcs as more civilised than the norm and I like the variety in unit type the Chinese have over the years.

First up the Generals, unless stated otherwise all the figures are from Ral Partha Europe's Demonworld range.

Here's the C-in-C who normally commands the heavy infantry with 2HW.

Orc General - (Ral Partha)
This next General normally commands the 'terrain' command of mainly medium swordsmen with 2HW
Orc General - (Ral Partha)
And this General , on his giant spider, has the mounted Command.

Orc General - (Ral Partha)

Next up are the Orc Heavy Infantry armed with 2HW.

Orc Heavy Infantry - (Ral Partha)
Orc Heavy Infantry - (Ral Partha)
Next we have the Medium Infantry with 2HW, yes I know they have a hand axe, but it's a very big hand axe :-) so I'm counting it as a 2HW.

Orc Medium Infatry - (Ral Partha)
Next up are a couple of Orc Shamen. In ADLG terms I'm counting most magic users as Artillery. I'll proably add a few more of these as some of the Chinese armies can have LOTS of artillery.

Orc Shamen. (Ral Partha)
What's an Orc army without Trolls? Believe it or not, I'm using these guys as Hevay Chariots. The movement rate and combat numbers actually gives a very Troll like effect (to me anyway).

Trolls. (Ral Partha)
Trolls - (Ral Partha)
Most of the Chinese armies have crossbowmen, luckily Demonworld have some...

Orc Crossbows - (Ral Partha)
Some Wolf Rider Light Cavalry with bow.

Orc Wolf Archers  (Ral Partha)
And a Light Cavalry Impact version.

Orc Wolf Riders. (Ral Partha)
A coupe of Light Infantry units with Crossbows.

Orc Light Infantry with Crossbows - (Ral Partha)
And a coupe of Light Infantry with javelins
Orc Skirmishers with Javelins - (Ral Partha)
These Goblins are perfect to use as Levy, especially as some of the lists have impetuous Levy :-)

Goblin Levy - (Ral Partha)
And finally the Camp. The Tent is from Alternative Armies.
Camp - (Alternative Armies / Ral Partha)