15mm Chaos Demon Army

This project is a Chaos Demon army for ADLG. I'll be using the 131 Arab Conquest army that's full of Elite Impetuous Medium Infantry, which sounds very chaotic. First up are the Generals.

This General will be commanding the Mixed Demon command. These are old Citadel Familiars that fit well with 15mm
General - (Citadel)
This General, made by Khurasan Miniatures, will be commanding the Chaos Warrior Command.

General - (Khurasan)
And this Reaper Miniatures Ghoul King will be commanding the Slimey Nurgle Command.
Demon Lord General - (Reaper)
I'm calling these 'Red Spitting Demons' , they're from CP Models and will count as Medium Camel Bow. That will give them a small ranged attack and freak out enemy cavalry, which sounds about right.
Red Spitting Demons - (CP Models)
Next up are some Reaper Miniatures Stirges. They fight by darting towards the enemy and stabing with their sharp beak before retreating, so I'm counting these as Light Infantry with Javelins.

Flying Demon - (Reaper)
Flying Demon - (Reaper)
This is the camp. The Demon is from the old Grenadier Cuthulhu range. The rest are from the bits box, no idea who makes them.

Camp - (Various)
Next up is the Mixed Demon Command. These are a real mix of figures from all over, most are actually 28mm scale, but suit the look I was after for the army. They all count as Elite Medium Swordsmen Impetuous.

Demons - (Various)
Demons - (Various)
Demons - (Various)
Demons - (Various)
Demons - (Various)
Next is the Chaos Warrior Command. These are from Khurasan Miniatures and count as Elite Heavy Swordsmen Impetuous. Also included are a couple of Copplestone Picts to act as Light Infantry Bow and a couple of units of Hell Hounds which count as Medium Camels

Evil Human Warriors - (Khurasan)
Skirmishers - (Copplestone)
Hounds of Hell - (Khurasan)
Lastly we have the Nurgle Command, which are all the plastic Nurglings set from Games Workshop, which work well for 15mm Demons.

Demon Swarms - (Games Workshop)
Demon Swarms - (Games Workshop)
They were very successful in their first game against a Carthaginian army. The Demons went straight through the enemy Spearmen like a hot knife through butter :-).

Future additions for this army will include a command of Thrall Spearmen and some decent weird looking Demon cavalry, so I can use the later list.