Game Journal

A page for keeping a record of all the games I get to play (if I'm lucky)...

6th July 2018

Two games of Holdfast Atlantic 1939-45. Played one as the Axis and one as the Allies, lost both :-(

29th June 2018

Last night we got to play Holdfast - Atlantic 1939-45, a block game from Worthington. Here's the blurb....

HoldFast Atlantic recreates the ship battles contesting control of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. The navies of Britain and the United States are challenged to keep sea lanes open for its convoys. German U-Boats prowl these waters and German and Italian battleships and cruisers threaten the sea supply lines of the Allies. The great Axis warships Bismarck, Tirpitz and others contest Britain's best while the United States fleet adds its might to the fight as the war progresses. As the Axis player can you cut the sea lanes that supply Great Britain and Russia to win the war? Or as the Allied player, can you overcome the U-Boat menace and Axis naval and air forces to control the Atlantic.

I was the Axis player and lost badly in the first game. Unfortunately there was only time for the first 4 moves of for the second game, but I was doing much better :-) Honest.

This was early in the second game, just before my Italian fleet got chewed up by the Brits.