Friday, 2 June 2017

15mm Dragon Rampant Orcs

  It's time to start a new 15mm project for myself and it's going to be a couple of armies/warbands for the Dragon Rampant set of rules. After sifting through the lead mountain I've found enough figures to do a Barbarian army using Copplestone Castings and an Orc army using Demonworld figures.
First up it's the Orcs. For the basic 24pt warband I've gone for the following...

An Orc Shaman Leader who counts as Light Foot and has only 3 spells. I'm sure that I've got some Squig type guys somewhere, when I find them I'll use them as his familiars so I can track hits.

2 Units of Wolf Riders counting as Heavy Riders.

I'll be using these two rough looking female Orcs as leaders for the wolf riders.

2 units of Orc Warriors counting as Bellicose Foot. I've actually got enough of these guys to make up three units, which will come in handy if I want to expand the army.

And lastly a unit of Goblins that I'm counting as Light Foot at the moment, just because it rounds the points off to 24.

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